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December 6, 2018

The difficult decision to humanely put down my horse, Brel, whom I received on my 17th birthday as a gift from my grandparents was made even harder as my Grandmother had just passed away this October. It was a decision full of emotions, as expected. Brel (named when I got him after Belgium singer Jacques Brel in case you’re wondering) was the inspiration for my studio name, given his shade of chestnut, and I thought also a nod to that other orange equestrian-themed brand known as Hermes. I realized the only “good” pictures I had of him were from competition days gone by, but I didn’t have many that showed my bond with him. Being a photographer myself I find I don’t always follow my own advice when it comes to preserving memories. When local photographer Kerry Ford reached out to me for a session I instantly thought I needed to get her out to capture some photos for me as well. Kerry graciously agreed on a trade of services and I’ll be doing a session with her and her horses at her Lailicka Ranch in Perth this winter. I can’t thank her enough for the beautiful afternoon spent with my Old Man and the resulting photographs <3 The scarf included was made by my Grandmother. During her final years I got her back into knitting and it really gave her joy to be feeling productive and providing for her family once again.

I want to start offering “Legacy” sessions at a special rate to those whose special horses haven’t much time left. If you or someone you know are interested in a special session, please reach out

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The photos below are all courtosy of Kerry Ford Photography.


Thank you Wayne. Horses are very special. Your horses were privileged to have you and Cynthia